NEWS! „Piece of Infinity“ is coming …!

Piece of Infinity GOOD NEWS for all english fans of „The Curse“-series!

The waiting has an end, because the translation of BOOK THREE „Piece of Infinity“ is already done! The text is now going through the editors hands, before the book will be published. I hope it will be available in early spring 2016 – don´t miss the latest updates! Stay in touch with Emily Bold or become a fan of „The Curse“ on facebook!


The man who was my life, who held my heart in his hands for all time and whose love was the only thing that made me complete, drew his dagger.

“Forgive me,” he whispered as my blood stained his blade. “But it’s the only way.”

 Having won the race against time, Sam is able to return to the arms of the Scotsman who holds her heart in his hands for all time. But what guilt did she incur in the process? And how high a price will she pay for her self-centered striving for happiness? Even though nothing more should be standing in the way of her love for Payton, those questions are tearing Sam apart.

And then, when old enemies step out from the shadows of the past, it appears that evil will win the day after all…

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