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Touch of eternity Breath of YesterdayPiece of Infinity


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Cameron Crest       McLean Crest       Clan Stuart

Alasdair: gaelic form of Alexander

Alison: nobly shape

Ashley: ash grove

Beathas: wise

Blair: field or battlefield

Brèagha-muir: beautiful sea

Cathal: fight

Dougal: dark

Douglas: dark water

Duncan: dark-skinned warrior

Fingal: beautiful, stranger

Grant: big[/one_half]

Kenneth: the king

Kenzie: Leader

Kinnon: born beautiful

Lorraine: the winner

Muireall: bright sea

Nathaira: snake

Payton: noble

Roy: red (like his hair)

Ryan: little King or strong

Sean: favor, be gracious

Uisgeliath: grey water

Vanora:white wave



Devil! / Hell!

Madain math.
Good morning.

Bas mallaichte!
Bloody hell!

Mo luaidh. / Mo luaidh, tha gràdh agam ort.
My darling. / My darling, I love you.

Stop it!

Pog mo thon!
Kiss my ass!

Tha gràdh agad oirre?
Do you love her?

Ciamar a tha thu?
How are you?

Mo charaid.
My friend.


Nighean na galladh!
Daughter of a dog!

Slàinte mhath!

A dhiobhail!
You devil!

Latha math!
Greetings to you! / Good day!

Tha mi duilich.
I am sorry.

Tapadh leat.
Thank you.

Sguir, mo nighean. Mo gràdh ort.
Stop, my daughter. I love you.

Cuimhnich air na daoine o’n d’ thanig thu.
Remember those you are a descendant of.

Sgian dhu
A small dagger that is worn in one’s sock.

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